Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Devil's Eye, Jack McDevitt

Title: The Devil's Eye
Author: Jack McDevitt
Rating: Good

Another Alex Benedict novel, like A Talent For War, Polaris, and Seeker.  Once again we have the usual assortment (in hardish SF) of space ships, aliens, and a threat of some sort that might or might not come from the aliens.

And as with the other books in this series, the actual narrator is Chase Kolpath, Benedict's assistant and pilot.

This time we have a mystery involving a famous writer asking for help and then having her mind wiped - entirely - for no obvious reason.  Benedict and Kolpath start looking and, well aliens and threats ensue.

If this sounds a bit vague, it is.  I read the book a while back and the details have slipped away from me.  I had to open it up and scan a few pages to refresh my memory even that much.

I enjoyed it, but I think my tolerance for this sort of work is dwindling.  There's another book in the series, I see via a quick glance at Amazon, but for now I think I will pass.  Those who've loved these books will, no doubt, want to read Echo, but I am off onto other things.