Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Order of the Stick books, Rich Burlew

Title: Order of the Stick (see below)
Author: Rich Burlew
Rating: Great!

If you play D&D, you need to read Order of the Stick.  If you don't play D&D, but like character driven graphic novels, then Order of the Stick is for you too.  And finally, what the author is doing is telling a good - and funny - story.  If that appeals, then you'll enjoy it as well.  You'll miss a bit of D&D related humor, particularly early on in the story, but the rest holds together well and will appeal.

Here's a link.  Get started:

That may keep you occupied for days.  There are years of the story to read out there, for free.  Knock yourself out.

In fact, in book form, there are now 7 volumes.  They are named and numbered thusly:

  • D: OOTS: Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tails
  • -1: OOTS: Start of Darkness
  • 0: OOTS: On The Origin of PCs
  • 1: OOTS: Dungeon Crawlin' Fools
  • 2: OOTS: No Cure For The Paladin Blues
  • 3: OOTS: War And XPs
  • 4: OOTS: Don't Split The Party

Burlew published these books one at a time, and the older ones gradually went out of print, but he got a lot of funding via a famous Kickstarter, and now they are all back in print and available from his distributor.

There is a lot of fun wrapped up in these books, and some very good story telling.  Six main characters drive the plot, with numerous supporting characters and quite a few villains as well.  The story arc is large and complicated, involving dragons and magic and quests and, well... it's a D&D campaign told in pictures featuring stick figures.  That might sound lame, but it really isn't.  (The Kickstarter campaign was supposed to raise about $58K.  Instead it raised $1.2 million.  Yes, really.  It's not lame at all, and the proof is in over 14,000 backers of that campaign who love with Burlew does.)

As I write this, Burlew is recovering from a hand injury, so he isn't updating the web site with new content right now.  I am guessing he will start back up again sometime after the beginning of the year, and I will be thrilled to see how the story continues.  I'll also be buying new books as they come out.  This is great stuff.

Give it a shot on the website, from the link above.  If you like it, the books are definitely worth owning, and now you can.