Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lord Of Light, Roger Zelazny

Title: Lord Of Light
Author: Roger Zelazny
Rating: Great!

Roger Zelazny is one of my favorite authors.  His writing is light and quick, with am occasional turn of phrase that leaves me laughing uproariously.   He tackled big and small stories, along with big and small themes.  Not everything he wrote is perfect - like all of us, he had his up and down projects - but I find a lot more hits than misses with his works, at least until near the end of his life.

Lord Of Light is an earlier work, and one I really enjoy.  The story follows a group of colonial humans on a distant planet in the far future.  Some are gods - via technology and/or mutation - who oppress the rest of society.  Among the gods, though, there is one who opposes their rule, and who will fight to free humanity from the tyranny of the few.  He is Sam, and quite a character he is.

It turns out that those in power have taken on the roles of ancient, Hindu deities, and their associated aspects (or powers).  Sam, however, has taken a different path, and is considered a Buddha, among other things, and the conflict between him and his fellow gods is something to see.

In this work we see Zelazny writing when he was young.  I love this book, and reread it every few years just because I can.