Monday, February 6, 2006

The Sign of the Unicorn, Roger Zelazny

Title: The Sign of the Unicorn
Author: Roger Zelazny
Rating: Good

The Sign of the Unicorn is book three of the first Amber series. We've hit the middle of the "novel" now. Our hero and his fellow characters are now coming to grips with the peril they are in, but still somewhat confused by the whole thing.

This book has less Shadow travel and more of the family intrigue than the first two. We're learning more about the various family factions, and more about Corwin's past as well. Some of the reasons he had amnesia at the start of the books are coming out, though we don't get it all yet.

One surprise in this book is some low level misogyny. Nothing nearly as bad as Heinlein (whom I simply cannot read anymore) but enough to catch my attention. The female Amberites are put down as not having the brains, talent, or focus to be scheming to take the throne themselves. And not just once, but several times. Then, however, one particular female is shown to be part of such a scheme, but how involved she is I don't yet know. Writers are a product of their times, but I'd have thought that Zelazny would have been past that, given this book was published in 1975. Then again, perhaps he was past it, and I just haven't seen the whole story yet. I'll keep my mind open on that front.

Still in all, a good story.

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