Saturday, February 4, 2006

The Guns Of Avalon, Roger Zelazny

Title: The Guns Of Avalon
Author: Roger Zelazny
Rating: Good

The Guns of Avalon. The plot thickens. Corwin, now in possession of his memories, is plotting to take what he sees as his rightful place in the Amber hierarchy. Family politics is, of course complex, and there is the small matter of some new and powerful enemies of Amber.

Zelazny's characters still ring true for me, and while this book spends a bit more time traveling through Shadow than might be strictly needed, it's still good fun, and we're learning about how bad things really are at this point in Amber's history.

In short, a good read, and another step on the road to my own personal recovery of my memories of Amber.

For reference, the books in the amber series (and links to my review of them) are:
  1. Nine Princes In Amber
  2. The Guns of Avalon
  3. Sign of the Unicorn
  4. The Hand of Oberon
  5. The Courts of Chaos
  6. Trumps of Doom
  7. Blood of Amber
  8. Sign of Chaos
  9. Knight of Shadows
  10. Prince of Chaos
I'll update that set of links in each of my Amber reviews as they happen, just to make it easy for someone to navigate through them all.