Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hot And Sweaty Rex, Eric Garcia

Hot And Sweaty Rex
Eric Garcia

The third in a series dinosaur detective books. As with the others, there are dinosaurs living among us. They're in disguise, and they're all over society.

In Hot And Sweaty Rex our hero - private investigator Vincent Rubio - gets involved with two different mob organizations and lives to tell about it.

As with the previous novels in the series, the writing pretty much lets you get past the obviously ridiculous premise and concentrate on the story. But this time it all seemed just a bit too contrived to me. The willing suspension of disbelief didn't come quite so easily.

Perhaps the dino formula is wearing thin by this point - and it may be - but I actually suspect a different issue: the plot. I guess I held back in believing some of the major plot points in some way, and that held up the full enjoyment of the book. it's still good, but wasn't quite as satisfying somehow.

There might be other reasons for that as well. This book takes a bit more serious tone - particularly the last few chapters - than the previous two. There's less outright humor and more discussion of just how mammals have messed things up - or are messed up themselves. There's also more use of the dino world as a looking glass for our own - causing introspection on several topics if you let it.

Garcia's first two Rex books were a bit more fun than this one, in all. Hot And Sweaty Rex is still worth reading, but not quite up to the standard set by the others.