Friday, June 17, 2005

The Madness Season, C. S. Friedman

The Madness Season
C. S. Friedman

I just posted a review of a series by C. S. Friedman. I bought The Madness Season at the same time, as the reviews on Amazon looked good. (Sorry, Doug. I buy from There are simply no good bookstores nearby, at least none that are any better than Amazon. Borders is an evil empire too, and I'm not driving 40+ miles to find a good bookstore.)

The story follows several characters, but the main one is at least arguably human. His name is Daetrin, and he lives on earth after it has been subjugated by the Tyr - an alien race of extreme power and a communal mind. Daetrin has to come to grips with his own very interesting past as he fights against the Tyr. In the coarse of uncovering his past, Daetrin encounters several other interesting characters and species. Friedman provides an excellent conclusion to this novel as well.

This was the best written of the 5 novels by C. S. Friedman I have read. As with the others, she doesn't draw a hard line between science fiction and fantasy, so some elements are less realistic than others, but I didn't find that a drawback in this case.

Overall I found it very good. Recommended.