Saturday, April 11, 2009

Order of the Stick, Rich Burlew

Titles: Order of the Stick
Vol 1: Dungeon Crawlin' Fools
Vol 2: No Cure for the Paladin Blues
Vol 3: War and XPs
Vol 0: On the Origin of PCs
Vol -1: Start of Darkness
Author: Rich Burlew
Rating: Good

What is The Order of the Stick?

Well, I'd never heard of it either until recently, but my gaming past is somewhat limited. In any event, OOTS is a webcomic that follows a party of D&D adventurers as they try to accomplish a large and difficult quest.

The books are essentially graphic novels. The art is deliberately simplistic - stick figures, in fact - but Burlew uses that to his advantage and lets the story shine with it.

If you were ever a gamer you'll get a good laugh out of the D&D rules jokes, particularly if you had campaigns cross rules editions. But beyond the rules jokes - which actually diminish over time - the story gets bigger and grander. At the end of War and XPs you've watched a huge battle - on the scale of things seen in the LOTR movies - and the outcome was not good for the heros. Still, there are lots of laugh-out-loud moments in these strips. Burlew is a good writer, and knows how to tell a story.

These are recommended, and you don't even have to buy them. you can read them all online at:

Suggestion: The titles above are listed in proper reading order, at least so far.