Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dangerous Days, Sluggy Freelance Book 9, Pete Abrams

Title: Dangerous Days, Sluggy Freelance Book 9
Author: Pete Abrams
Rating: Great!

If you've never had the pleasure of reading Sluggy Freelance, now is the time to start. I mean now. Drop everything for the next few hours and go here:

What you will find there is something like eight years of comic strips in serial format. The characters vary all over the map, from Riff (inventor and weapon lover) and Torg (his web designer buddy), to Bun-Bun (a switchblade wielding mini-lop rabbit, in a long term feud with Santa Claus, and sometime Easter bunny; oh, and he ran Halloween for a while, and Ground Hog day too), and on and on. There are perhaps 10 or 12 regulars, and their story covers all kinds of ground. They're involved with a gymnast assassin, a huge evil company that no one understands yet, alternate universes, and, well, you name it.

Pete Abrams does parodies of movies, takes recent events into account in his strips, keeps an amazingly large number of plot threads together in his head, and amuses his readers consistently. And every so often he publishes a book covering some period of the online strips, and including a bonus story too. This is book nine in the series.

Trying to tell you the major plot threads covered in this book would just leave you confused. For example: Torg's alien secretary is running a web design business now, it gets out of control because Dr. Shlock wants to get close to the alien, and well... never mind. I'd have to give too much away, and you can read it all online for free anytime.

Go read it now. What more do I need to say? I read Sluggy every morning. It never fails to amuse and amaze.

The books are hard to get now. Limited printing runs of each one, alas. And I only recently found out I am missing one of the older books, so I have no idea what to do about that, yet. I will, however, get a copy somewhere.

Why are you still here? Go read Sluggy now!