Thursday, September 15, 2005

Basic Firefighter Academy (2005), CDF

Title: Basic Firefighter Academy (2005)
Author: CDF
Rating: Neutral

I am embarking on a new "career" as a volunteer fire fighter. Or at least, I hope I am. There are still many opportunities to wash out.

This book is actually a three ring binder of information assembled by the CDF that covers basic, overview stuff about working in the volunteer firefighting business. It doesn't actually cover anything about fighting fires - or medical response, or anything else directly call related like that - that's all coming in additional books and training. This volume really is more of an introduction to the CDF / County fire department and how it works.

Sections covered things like the incident command system, basics of vehicle safety, how to put on the structure firefighting clothes, some legal issues, etc.

If it wasn't 200 pages or so, I'd have ignored this volume and waited to claim something more meaty, but it did take time away from my other reading, so here it is.

There are more of this sort of thing coming, I'm sure.